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Congress Unanimously Supports Bicycling |
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Congress Unanimously Supports Bicycling

By spokesman | October 19, 2011

In these days of extreme partisanship, it is rare to see a bill that unanimously passes both the House Of Representatives and the Senate.  It is even more amazing when it has something to do with bicycling.  Bicyclists seem to be hated.  In just the past 2 days I have seen several stories on hit and run accidents where bicyclists were hit by cars including this one in Washington D.C. , this one in Tampa, this one in New York, and this one in Oregon.

However Congress has just done something good for cyclists.  The Ski Area Recreational Opportunity Enhancement Act was passed unanimously by the Senate on Tuesday night and the House Of Representatives approved the bill by a vote of 394 to 0 two weeks ago.  Although the bill’s title sounds like it doesn’t have anything to do with cycling, it can be a boom to bicyclists, especially mountain bikers.  The bill will make it easier for ski resorts on federal land in 13 states to receive permits for activities other than skiing.   Non-winter activities including concerts, biking, zip lines and Frisbee golf would be allowed under the law.  Activities such as swimming pools, golf courses and amusement parks would be prohibited.  Many ski resorts on private land have supported non-winter activities to improve their business and generate more revenue in the summer.  Mountain biking and road biking at these resorts have become very important.  In fact for many of the ski resorts in the east where snow has been inconsistent, biking has kept some of these resorts in business.  For example, Massanutten in West Virginia has a tag line that they are a “Four Season Resort”.   Similarly, Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort describes the resort as “the perfect year round destination for adventure filled vacations” and hosts the annual 24 Hours Of Snowshoe mountain bike race.  Wisp, a ski and golf resort in western Maryland, hosts mountain biking events, road biking events and triathlons.  Now, as a result of this new law, ski resorts on Federal land can operate like their commercial competitors and bicyclists will be the beneficiaries.  

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