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Obama, the Pope and Lance Armstrong |
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Obama, the Pope and Lance Armstrong

By spokesman | January 25, 2009

The title of this blog post may sound like the beginning of a joke.  However, as a blogger, I like to keep up with what is happening in the world of blogging and the Internet.  The three people in the post title have been active on the Internet recently.  Since the inauguration, President Obama revamped the site.  It has borrowed some of the look of his campaign site. homepage

Also this week, the Pope started a YouTube channel

Vatican Youtube Channel homepage

Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong has also been more active on the Internet as part of his comeback.  He finished the Tour Down Under this weekend.  He took control of his Twitter id a few weeks ago (an impostor had the Lance Armstrong name at twitter for a while and would only post tweets stating that “he was out for a bike ride”).  Now that Lance is in control of it he has been supplying his followers with far more useful updates such as  Knock on the door just now - anti doping control”.  It seems that Lance wants us to know every time he has to piss in a cup.

Although Lance’s dispatches lack the substance of Obama’s blog, I would rather read Lance’s inane comments then the recent dribble from the Pontiff.  (See -  The Pope ends the excommunication of a Holocaust denier.  - I know that they say that the Pope is infallible, but he messed up on this one.) 

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