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Something Good From Delaware DOT |
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Something Good From Delaware DOT

By spokesman | September 2, 2008

My blog post on the Delaware DOT speeding campaign was satire.  The Delaware press release is intended to let drivers know the potentially dangerous consequences of speeding.  However, the message was muddled by the poorly designed ad. 

In addition to the comments on the post, I received many e-mails.  One e-mail summed up the problem with the ad.  “I know that it’s intended to get people to slow down,  but it looks like instructions on how to be sure that you kill someone you hit. Why do they assume that hitting pedestrians and cyclists is inevitable? I mean, couldn’t they have said that at 25, you could stop in time? The hastily added MPH below the speeds and the stock image (with a girl not wearing a helmet) makes me think the thing was thrown together by a committee 5 minutes before a deadline. Just terrible all around.”

Lewes Delaware RR Crossing Sign Anyway, in an effort to make amends to the many Delawarians (or is it Delawarites?) that I may have offended, I would like to point out a good effort by the Delaware DOT. I photographed this railroad crossing sign in Lewes, Delaware.  Many casual cyclists are not aware of how easy it is to fall at RR crossings.  The sign clearly show the danger and in Lewes; a popular vacation destination; there are many casual cyclists.  Good job DOT.

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One Response to “Something Good From Delaware DOT”

  1. CycleDog Says:
    February 24th, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    I learned about crossing RR tracks when I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. I learned about trolley tracks too, and I think they’re worse since they run the same direction that we travel.